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How to Get Into an Art and Design

Art and design, offering huge range of lucrative professions is attracting a hefty number of students to build their career. There are many who are gifted with creative skills and want to make a career in art and design. Pursuing education in an art and design field combined with the suitable skills and aptitude can make a living out of doing what you love to do. For this, selection of right school and course is highly important, but the question is how to get into art and design school. If you are searching for an answer then here are few important steps that may help you get into the best art and design school of the United States-

1. There are huge number art schools in the United States, so decide which one you want to join. Research on schools to know about the majors they offer. Knowing about the curriculum along with courses offered by the schools will help you to compare the best school.

2. Create a portfolio of your artwork, because many reputed art schools of the United States ask for such portfolios in order to judge your skills or potential. So, always show your original work, as artwork made from photographs or illustrations is never entertained by any schools.

3. Making impressive portfolio doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. Selecting 15 to 25 pieces of organized and presentable work is enough for judges to determine your potential. Always try to display your original work that are neat and can show your actual talent.

4. You may not be called to show your portfolio in person. In this case you have to prepare 35mm slides, digital images or prints of your work.

5. Your academic components might play major role in getting reputed school. Your test scores and grades are often considered to decide merit-based scholarships.

Apart from all this, the next significant aspect that you need to think while getting into an art and design school is your letters of recommendation. You must note that your letters of recommendation actually play a very important job in conveying information regarding you. It can further help you tell more about yourself that at times gets impossible to be explained in the application.

Many people dream to make their career in art and design, but very few can take up the way they want and proceed to a more sophisticated level. There are number of personalities who have achieved fame and millionaire or billionaire status. Following above said tips can guide you the way to get your desired goal like others did.

Enjoy Arts and Crafts With Your Children

Arts and crafts activities are one of the best ways to keep your children entertained. But rather than leave them to it, why not get involved with them.

Arts and crafts activities provide enjoyment and a learning experience for your children and for you as well. There are many crafts that you can do along with your children irrespective of their ages. It does not matter how old your kids are, they can still enjoy arts and crafts. By developing art and crafts skills, they could discover new natural abilities that they then take further through their studies. This could also have a life-changing impact and could affect their career.

The main benefit of being involved in craft-making along with your children is, apart from the obvious fact that everybody is having fun, your children and you are learning. You will learn to use your imagination, think through problems, make best use of the items you have available and improvise.

Many children will prefer to sit in front of the television or a computer these days, but with a bit of persuasion, they will soon discover that arts and crafts are a great way of spending time. The key is preparation. Although you don’t need to buy too many arts and craft materials, a few essentials will help spark your children’s interest. Even just a few felt shapes, pva glue and a piece of card can be used to create fantastic artwork. But using a simple kit such as a Build a Pom Pom Panda kit will give you a better way to introduce the concept of arts and crafts. It’s always easier to convince a child to create a panda from a kit rather than just give them some shapes, but once they start their imagination will take over and even the simplest materials will create fantastic artwork.

Arts and Crafts activities are a great way of bonding with your children. While they are concentrating on the creative process, they are likely to be much more chatty. They will share things with you that you would never learn from just watching TV with them.

While the summer holidays are over in the United Kingdom for this year, Christmas will arrive soon, so for this reason, now this could be the perfect time to invest in arts and crafts for kids.

What to buy

• Glue for sticking
• Bumper packs of coloured paper and coloured card are ideal for creating great works of art.
• You can even buy blank cards and envelopes. These are useful for children to create their own cards.
• Colouring Pens allow your children to draw what they want first. Or you could get involved and draw a shape for them.
• Shapes – Whether they are made from felt, paper or card, shapes are very versatile and can be used to create many different things.
• Stickers – Children love stickers. From shapes to smiley faces to numbers there’s something that all children will like. You can even get holographic stickers for that special artwork.
• Tissue paper – Children love scrunching up paper to create three dimensional art. Tissue paper is ideal.
• Paints and Brushes are a favourite with children but be careful about the mess!
• Save old newspaper – As well as using it in creating artworks, you can use it to protect surfaces and floors.

Getting your children started

Try to start with an idea of what they can do. A children’s imagination is hard to get going, but once it kicks in then they will take over. A simple kit that they can create something from is better to start with than just random items. Alternatively, if you don’t have a kit, give them an idea about what they could make, for example a pirate ship or a fairy wonderland. Once they have the idea they will create for hours. Have a look at our other articles for more ideas about this.

Kids Art and Craft Ideas

If you want to provide your kids a good learning experience with enjoyment at their early age, then arts and crafts are one of the best tasks to keep them engaged or entertained. Kids art and craft activities will help them to be creative or enhance their different natural abilities that could have a life changing impact on their career in the future.

There are thousands of untold art and craft ideas available for the kids of different ages, but you must choose ideas that are enjoyable as well as educational. Take some time from your busy schedule and participate in your kids craft projects to encourage their creative abilities. Here I am going to share some kids art and craft ideas that would be helpful for you to keep your kids busy.

1. Paper Snowflakes: To perform this fun activity you only need white paper or scissor. Take the paper and fold it in half, again fold it in half until it formed as a triangle. Now cut a series of small shapes of the paper, then unfold these pieces of paper carefully and you will have a beautiful snowflake. To be more creative, kids can add glue or glitter on them.

2. Christmas wreaths: You will be amazed that many craft ideas are inspired by nature so you can involve your kids to make natural wreaths. Collect leaves make a wreath, use gold and silver paint to decorate it. You can also make nut wreath. This is good change of commercial Christmas wreath; kids love this kind of craft projects that are made from their favorite eatables. This Nut wreath would also be a wonderful gift for any nut lover.

3. Homemade Piggy Bank: Cover an old shoe box with construction paper of your kids favorite color. Make a small cut to put money in. Draw frog face around the cut. Take an egg carton and cut two cups, paint them and add googly eyes, then add them in the box with glue to make frog’s eyes. Cut the paper and makes the legs of a frog and attach these legs to the box.

4. Recycled Cards: This is a simple and Eco friendly Kids art and craft project. Simply cut message part of your used cards and allow your kids to glue them to make a new card. These kind of projects are good for preschoolers that they can enjoy and learn the importance of recycling.

5. Pasta Jewelry: Take pasta in different shapes, 1 poster paint, paintbrush, yarn thread and needle. First of all decide what piece of jewelry do you want to make. Paint pasta shapes and let them dry, after the pasta is dry string it with needle and yarn, then tie the ends. Your pasta jewelry piece is ready now.

Arts and Crafts in Child Development

Logic will take you from A to B,
Imagination will take you everywhere.


As quoted by Einstein, rather than logic, it is the imagination that will take you everywhere. So, give your kid the wings to fly as far as possible with their imagination.

When your kids insist and you buy art and craft toys for them, you are actually helping them in their overall development. Later, when the kids experiment with their colors and paintbrush, they are simultaneously improving their motor skills as well as having fun time. The bottom line is that when you let your kids get completely engrossed in their art and craft with their imagination, your little one absolutely enjoys themselves in the process of drawing a sketch, coloring, or building blocks while enhancing their various other skills.

Stimulating creativity with arts and crafts will not only increase the chances of your little one becoming the next Steve Jobs, but will also help him in becoming intellectual and confident. So, let us discuss some more benefits of arts and crafts:

Here they are:

1) Improves Coordination

Conventionally, the movement of both hands is involved in art and craft activities. These movements help in the development of bilateral coordination and fine motor skills. The crafts like cutting, drawing or coloring, are where both hands are involved. Additionally, fine motor skills are involved when a child draw shapes and cut them into patterns. This skill is important in other areas of their lives as they continue to grow. Besides, these skills similarly translate to other aspect of their lives, such as eating, showering, dressing, tying shoes and performing other daily activities.

2) Development of various Skills

Building blocks, molding and drawing with clay are some of the games that develop visual-spatial skill. However, with the easy accessibility of the gadgets, nowadays-even toddlers are aware of how to operate a smart phone. This implies that next generation children are taking in all the visual information before they even start reading or writing. We can call this information as the cues that we get from three-dimensional objects from digital media, books and television.

This cognitive development is very essential in kids as it improves their visual processing skills. When you are helping your little princess in making paper flowers; besides reinforcing the names of primary colors and identifying objects, you are boosting your child’s visual processing abilities too.

3) Art encourages Creativity

A child’s imagination has no limit and parents should not try to limit them as well. Art and craft activities for kids are a great way to let your children explore their imagination, wherein parents should act as a motivation catalyst. Let your children travel through their fascination and turn it into something substantial.

Creativity is thinking out of the box, bringing the innovative side of your kids, which further nurtures other artistic talents later in their life.

4) Arts and Crafts – Mode of Expression

Arts and crafts are a great mode of expressing emotions, thoughts and feelings. When it comes to kids, they have a brilliant vision about the things that have happened in the past or happening around. Through these, they shape various stories in their heads, which comes out when they are involved in activities including art and craft ones. Parents should encourage those kids who are shy and quite to participate in the creative activities so that they can express their emotions and thoughts. This will give parents some insight into what their child is thinking, going through or feeling.

5) Open-ended Activity

These very versatile activities allow kids to play, whether they are alone or accompanied by someone. Arts and crafts can be quite helpful for kids in bonding with parents and friends. So, occasionally make sure to accompany your kid in their play. Moreover, it is a great source of entertainment for the little one as they can play these games on their own whenever they feel bored.

Arts And Crafts In And Around Betws

The official ‘gateway to Snowdonia’ and known as the first artists’ colony in Britain, Betws-y-Coed attracts many visitors. With the entertainment and activities and a rich Welsh culture with traditions in poetry, music and pottery available in the area, it’s a heart-warming and inspiring village. Being such a fine home for Welsh arts and crafts surrounded by enchanting backdrops and scenery, it’s a fantastic place to explore the roots of Welsh culture and celebrate its artistic past, present, and future.

The Snowdonia Arts Festival is a popular event, when the village welcomes local artists and craftspeople to come together and celebrate their artistic heritage and talents, and showcase their goods. Many artists living and working in the area use this opportunity to promote their work, demonstrate skill and allow customers to meet them personally and ask questions. This exciting festival of all things creative includes historic and contemporary visual art shows, classes and workshops, music events, poetry and storytelling, with an exhibition of work by local school pupils.

Exhibiting work by leading Welsh and Wales based artists, Galeri Betws-y-Coed is said to be one of the most exciting new galleries in North Wales. The aim of this independent gallery is to ‘provide quality arts and crafts to the people and visitors of Wales’. Their work includes originals, framed and unframed prints, photography, handmade crafts and gifts. You can also expect to see a range of exhibitions throughout the year. The gallery sells sweets as part of their own old fashioned sweets shop ‘Ffatri Fferins’. Galeri Betws-y-Coed is open Monday through to Sunday, 10am till 5:30pm.

Also a popular little shop is Candlespower, run by owners Chris and Ash. They have been professionally pouring, hand crafting and personalising candles for almost 30 years. Each candle is made thoughtfully, with pride and outstanding attention to detail, providing completely personalised and unique candles. Their skill and expertise has led them to be widely recognised and gave them the opportunity to carve a large candle for Pope John Paul, during his historic visit to Wales. The candles are completely personalised for any occasion and taste; birthday, wedding or funeral, Candlespower offer a personal touch to your gift.

Pennant Crafts, located along the main road on the village entry, creates and sells handmade pottery and ceramics. Their products range from professionally made tableware to beautifully distinguished, decorative pieces. With a workshop on the premises, the pottery has been designed, created and glazed under the same roof ready for sale in the front of house. For items of such calibre, the products are of good value so Pennant Crafts is definitely worth a visit.

If you have access to a vehicle, the Corris Craft Centre near Machynlleth is definitely worth a visit. Around an hour’s drive from Betws-y-Coed, the craft centre has nine craft workshops producing a wide range of hand crafted gifts, for your home and garden. The talented craftspeople produce a range of goods in front of your eyes, working away to make high quality and unique products and gifts such as Delyn Glass, Taran Eco Designs, the Candle Studio and Design a Kard. Just having had their 30th birthday party, the Corris Craft Centre celebrates its place in the arts and crafts community, continuing to deliver unique and contemporary products. Also starting from the Craft Centre is King Arthur’s Labyrinth, an underground storytelling adventure, where visitors sail underground and through a waterfall to the past. A further attraction which also starts from the Craft Centre is Explorers, which provides visitors the opportunity to explore the abandoned workings of an old Welsh slate mine with one of Wales’ top mine explorers. At the centre of all of these attractions is Y Crochan cafe where a wide range of hot and cold food and drink is served throughout the day.

Understanding The Art And Culture

In order to fully appreciate the culture of this Island, one should try and visit the place to get information and experience it firsthand. The Bahamian tradition is usually on display during the Junkanoo festival where people wear some masks and perform some songs. The art is hidden in poignant songs termed as Rake n scrape music and carvings.

For the art lovers the Island offers a lot of art galleries where appreciations and passion for art are appreciated. There are vibrant drawings placed on display that portray the way of life in the Island. The artistic pieces are priceless and it is for this question that there are several exhibitions to show case them.

The official language of these people is English but some speak in Bahamian dialect which is a mixture of the two. There are several genres of music that the Island people listen to like Jamaican reggae, Caribbean Calypso, Soca from Trinidad and American inspired Hip hop and rap. There are great Bahamian singers whose songs are popular like Ronnie Butler, Brilanders and MacKlyn.

There is some African influence on the art and culture of these people especially on the Bahamian dialect where African expressions and words have been retained. It borrows some words from the Yoruba, Fulani and Kongo. The most common religion in Bahamas is Christianity with a total of almost 95% believers. The denominations are Baptist, Methodist, Catholic and Anglican. Bahamas has more churches per capita which is the highest than any other country.

Before the advent of the modern television, there was storytelling and folklore to provide a traditional form of entertainment. The stories were also educative as they had good moral lessons. The storytelling was one of the customs influenced by African cultures. Bush medicine had been in practice since the times of Bahamian slaves and they are also used today to cure the sick using naturally occurring plants.

When it comes to arts, there are several types that are known. Straw weaving was a traditional skill learnt by the people to make baskets that were useful in carrying fruits and fishtraps. Canvas art paintings are also available with the likes of Eddie Minnis, John Cox and John Beadle. Coral and stone art are also available as the coral is taken from the reef break-offs which are naturally occurring.