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Arts and Crafts With Christmas

Although it may not appeal to you at first, there are lots of good reasons to know how to make arts and crafts out of outdoor Christmas lights. The holidays are not just about you, but also your family. Along with family comes the opportunities to amuse younger children. You might also be from a family that has lots of individuals that are totally different. Besides board games, often crafting projects are a solution for family fun. Having a few tricks up your sleeves that involve outdoor Christmas lights can be extremely handy for days where you need to entertain them.

Crafting Traditions for The Holidays

In the past, most Christmas presents were handmade. As a matter of fact, in some families they still work very hard to maintain this tradition. It wasn’t until the late 1800s that it became common to buy Christmas presents. For this reason, it can be a fun idea to make Christmas about making gifts for each other. Outdoor Christmas lights are a fun way to craft and are easy enough for small children to work with.

Crafting with Short Strings of Lights

Shorter strings of outdoor Christmas lights are perfect for decorating smaller objects. After they’re finished, they can be used as outdoor decorations. Some popular ideas for shorter strands of outdoor Christmas lights are:

o Making snowmen decorations
o Making a wreath
o Making a message or shape (for example, spelling out Merry Christmas)

More Complicated Crafts

There was a popular children’s toy in the 1970s that specifically dealt with lights. You can imitate this on a large scale as an exciting outdoor Christmas lights craft project. Basically, you will need a small drill, tons of Christmas lights, a hot glue gun, and a very large piece of plywood.

First, you’ll need to paint the plywood. The second step will be to draw whatever you want to outline with lights. The next step is to drill holes that are far enough away from each other so the structure is not compromised. Put the lights through the holes and keep them in place with the hot glue. The end result is a personalized outdoor decoration.

Easy Decorations

Of course, everyone wants something elegant, beautiful, and unique for their outdoor home decorations during the Christmas season. An easy way to craft something that everyone will love is to make a wreath for the front door. This simply involves having some sort of round frame to attach the outdoor Christmas lights to. Of course, you might want to arrange and rearrange until you get what you want, but the idea is simple.

Arts and Crafts Toy Doll Review

A popular arts and crafts creative toy over the last few years is the ChixOs line of toys. A ChixOs in and of itself is a plastic doll that you could say loosely resembles a chick. What makes this Barbie type doll so unique is that it is made to go along with the PixOs arts and crafts toy that you already have. PixOs are tiny round plastic beads that come in all sorts of colors. A child uses the beads along with a template to create all sorts of fun projects. The PixOs are made of plastic, and when you spray them with water and let them dry they stick together. So the ChixOs and PixOs compliment one another because you can make all sorts of fun accessories for you ChixOs dolls using the PixOs beads.

A typical ChixOs toy will come in a themed set and include two or more plastic dolls to play with, and some complimentary pieces that go along with the theme. The set will also include templates to make other accessories using the PixOs. The ChixOs dolls are dressed and the clothing can be mixed and matched with other dolls so your child can have fun with this. They can play with other little girl friends and share and trade clothing with one another as they play for hours with their ChixOs dolls. Each themed also comes with PixOs designer arts and crafts beads so that your child can make accessories for the ChixOs dolls. You child will be endlessly entertained as they use their imagination to make accessories for their ChixOs and for the other pieces that come with the play set.

I really struggled to understand what these play sets and dolls were all about as my nine year old daughter tried to explain it to me. Perhaps the best way to understand what the toy does is to talk about one of the themed plays sets. Let us go ahead and see what the Pet Shop set is all about so we can figure out how much fun ChixOs are.

The Design a Pet Shop themed ChixOs set comes with two plastic dolls, a pet shop backdrop theme, accessories for the pets, a cute doggie and kitty, one sprayer for the beads, and one hundred and fifty PixOs plastic art beads. The dolls come with outfits of their own with separate tops, pants, and shoes. Your little girl can mix and match the clothing and shoes between the two dolls to have several different clothing combinations. If your child finds a clothing combo that they particularly like they can spray it with the mister and the clothing will stay in place. The two pets come with their own bowls and one very cute looking pet bath. The pet shop backdrop sets the scene for a kids imagination to run wild with creativity as they have hours of fun enjoying their very own pet shop.

The included pet bad is dimpled as acts as a template so that any child can work with the PixOs beads and make accessories for the pets and the ChixOs dolls. Your child can make cute colored plastic bones for the little doggie, or a sweet collar and leash for the little cat. If they are very creative they could actually make a little dog house out of the beads. The beads can also be used to make accessories for the ChixOs like purses, bracelets, or a necklace. Really, what your child can make with the arts and crafts beads is almost endless, and if you run out of them you can buy a replacement pack.

How to Make Arts and Crafts From Recycled Materials

Green living is driven by the three “Rs”: reduce, reuse, recycle. Producing arts and crafts is a great way to meet all three Rs and gain hours of entertainment. You can create decorated items for display at home and involve your children in the activity. You can even make a few holiday gifts at very low out-of-pocket cost.

Decopauge is a great example. The only materials needed are old magazines, a pair of scissors, some white glue and something to decorate. I’ve seen people use this art form on every kind of article from wooden boxes up to bed headboards.

Once you have the item (or items) you want to decorate you can put them aside and start flipping through the magazines for pictures and words that jump up at you or help convey something you want to say. The great thing about decoupage is that there is no “wrong” way to do it. Some people will use an entire advertisement including the background in the ad. Others may cut out the person or object from the background. The idea is to have a piece of a page to be layered upon the object to be decorated.

After you have cut out enough pictures and words you can begin to decorate your object. Everything is driven from this point on by your ideas and creativity. You can, for example, use all cut outs of flowers and birds to decorate your project, or you could cut out every picture of a dog and see how many you can use as you decorate your recycled art project.

Arrange your clippings onto the surface of whatever it is you’re going to reuse or decorate and put a layer of glue over the entire project. Using white glue or Mod Podge will give you a clear coating over your art. When the first layer is dry, coat it again. Continue recoating until you are happy with the appearance. The coatings of glue will protect your artwork, and if you use a gloss-finish, your art work will have a nice shine to it, as well.

My sister started making “Blessings Boxes” for the Christmas gifts that she would give to her children’s teachers. She reuses an old shoe box, and covers the entire outside of it with cut out pictures from magazines. The main objective was to cover up the shoe brand on the outside of the box with the pictures and words that adhered to a central theme. Memorable items, maybe a ticket stub to a baseball game or a birthday card or party invitation can be placed into the box as reminders of these events. The recipient can then open their “Blessings Box” to be reminded of the events or occurrences whenever they wish.

Boxes can be made for many other purposes: treasure boxes for kids, storage boxes for photographs, birthday gifts for friends and family members. There are other similar ideas for reusing recycled materials for arts and crafts projects as well. The best part is that since all the materials are reused and recycled, no extra money is required to create these items. This is a great way to incorporate the three Rs into your green lifestyle.

Florida Arts And Culture

Florida is largely known for sunshine, theme parks and oranges. But one of the best kept secrets of the peninsula is its diverse culture and world-class museums. From the Keys up into the panhandle and every county in between, Florida has some of the most beautiful and unique museums in the United States. And its culture is more diverse than one would think. After all, it is the destination of hundreds of thousands of tourists and ten of thousands of Americans relocate to the Sunshine State each year.

Florida Culture
In an afternoon’s drive, visitors and residents can go from the beach side subtropics to rustic rural locations. In the panhandle, its charming southern living, straight out of a magazine. In central Florida, fun awaits for visitors and residents of all kinds–with theme parks providing entertainment day and night. At the bottom of the peninsula, a laid back lifestyle awaits. And surfing, fishing, boating, scuba diving and sunbathing are available over 2,000 miles of coastline. Greek sponge docks, Cuban communities, dairy and fruit farms, southern charm and tropical lifestyles and much more can all be found here.

Florida Arts
The arts are alive and well in the Sunshine State. Award winning Broadway shows can be found in many metropolitan areas and museums which have to be seen to believe. Ringling, The Holocaust, National Museum of Naval Aviation, Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum, Salvador Dali, St. Augustine Lighthouse, Pirate and Treasure, Flagler Museum and the South Florida Science Museum are just a few on a list of many.

Florida Festivals
But Florida’s arts and culture certainly don’t end there. The Gasparilla Pirate Festival winds its way through the streets of Tampa every year. There’s the Art Deco Weekend Festival in Miami, the Jacksonville Jazz Festival, Sunfest in West Palm Beach, the Pensacola Beach Air Show, the infamous Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach, the Space and Air Show at the Kennedy Space Center and Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival in Orlando right at Walt Disney World. There’s no shortage of art and culture in Florida. From the Fine Arts Museum in Saint Petersburg to the island breezes of Key West to the Space Coast to the oldest city in the United States in St. Augustine, there’s something for everyone and it’s here year-round.

Arts and Animation Degree Online Program

What does Media Arts and Animation Degree Online Program have to Offer?

The presentation of any product is one of the key factors on which the sales ratio rely completely. Of course the product has to maintain the quality standards but other than that, to sell a product, it needs to be well presented. Apart from sales perspective, when it comes to entertainment, it’s very important to make things look as real as possible on screen. For instance, a film is being shot and there is a stunt sequence in which the actor has to jump from a very tall building. Now in this sort of a scenario it’s pretty likely that the actor will deny to shoot that scene (unless it’s Tom Cruise) because of a lot of risks involved and the stunt sequence is also very necessary for the movie to progress. So instead of risking a human life, that stunt could be performed on a computer screen using a graphic designing software and thanks to so much of the hard work from the industry, its really not that hard to create stunts like that. Media Arts and Animation Design has traveled a long way. There were days when simple JPEGs and GIFs images were created on Corel Draw but now there are advance graphic designing software programs like 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photo-shop and Adobe Flash which creates high definition graphics. These software programs have unlimited possibilities and it all depends on the imagination and the creativity of the graphic designer that how he/she does that. The tools are there to create a perfect motion picture using nothing more than a computer system but it’s very important to learn those tools first in order to be on the top of your game. For that matter, many top accredited online universities and top accredited online colleges are offering Media Arts and Animation Degree Online program. Media Arts and Animation Degree Online module is basically a branch of Visual Communication Degree programs. If you choose to get into any of the top accredited online university or top accredited online colleges to learn the art of animation and design then this degree could be the best option for you.

To learn animation and design, a lot of tolerance and skills are required. You might have to wait for months or years to gain the perfection you are trying to achieve but one thing’s for sure that you will create that perfection. And after all, one of the benefits of getting into top accredited online universities or top accredited online colleges is that you learn everything with perfection and are given ample amount of time to develop an understanding of all the given tools and software programs to achieve what you want. You will be working with software programs like Adobe Photo-shop, Adobe After Effects, and 3D Studio Max.

Course Outline

Some of the courses offered by top accredited online universities and top accredited online colleges in Media Arts and Animation Degree Online program are:

· 2D Animation

· 3D Character Animation

· Acting/Movement

· Advanced 2D Animation

· Advanced 3D Modeling

· Advanced 3D Textures

· Advanced Life Drawing/Gesture

· Advanced Modeling/Animation Topics

· Camera and Lighting Techniques

· Character and Object Animation

· Color Theory

· Digital Composition

· Digital Editing– Video, Audio

· Digital Imaging for Multimedia and Web

· Digital Ink and Paint

· Drawing and Anatomy

· Fundamentals of Design

· Intermediate 2D Animation

· Introduction to Digital Composition

· Life Drawing and Gesture

· Portfolio Presentation for Animation

· Pre-Portfolio Presentation for Animation

· Pre-Production Team

· Storyboard Rendering for Animation

· Visual Indication

· Web Animation

Career Opportunities and Salary Info

Once after completing Media Arts and Animation Degree Online program of top accredited online universities or top accredited online colleges, you would have to go for an internship after which you would be able to join a regular job. Internship could even be started before completing the degree program so this way you would be able to save some time. You could target jobs like Storyboard Artist, Texture Artist, Computer Modeler, Computer Generated Special Effects Artist, Creative Head, Media Consultant and a lot more. The salary depends on the sort of the job position you are on to and the experience. You would be able to earn around $80,000 or more per annum after successfully completing Media Arts and Animation Degree Online program from any of the top accredited online universities or top accredited online colleges.